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Shanti Hari Towers & Viniyog Pvt Ltd,
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Production of VIDYUT multi-tubular bags started in 1988 in Jamshedpur. The Government of India awarded The National Award to the company for Import Substitution in 1991.

With establishment of SHANTI HARI TOWERS and VINIYOG Pvt Ltd in Hyderabad since Mar 2007, we intend to extend the reach of the product to various other parts of India. By working with highly quality conscious organizations, we make sure the quality is the always the best and strive to continuously upgrade quality with research and developement.

VIDYUT multi-tubular bags are woven from combination of selected chlorine-free textured polyester yarns and spun polyester yarns allowing electrolyte to freely penetrate the active material of the plate. A good impregnation of Resin coating improves the chemical resistance of the material also imparting high stiffness to the tubes. Besides round tubes we also manufacture elliptical and square tubes.